image of iPhone showing the mobile website for ericasneubauer.com with a Christmas graphic
Posted by | November 24, 2020
Design Idea: Add a festive header to your website

Here’s a simple design idea for small business websites: add some festive cheer to your website! This idea comes from one of my longest-runnning clients- they’ve asked me to put...

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white book showing title: How to choose typography for your brand
Posted by | September 12, 2020
How to choose typography for your brand

I want to talk about brand typography today- i.e. the fonts you’ll use in your social media graphics, on your website, and in your printed flyers etc. There’s a misconception...

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white sketchbook showing title: What's the difference between RGB & CMYK and when should you use them?
Posted by | September 12, 2020
What’s the difference between RGB & CMYK, and when should I use them?

A client question I've heard is, what’s the difference between RGB & CMYK, and when should I use them? Both of these represent different ways of mixing basic colors to...

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graphic showing the difference between pixel based and vector graphics, using the Erica Neubauer graphic design logo as an example
Posted by | June 18, 2020
What is the difference between pixel-based graphics & vectors, and when should you use them?

Ever wondered what a "vector" is? Or notice that your logo looks fuzzy when you try to enlarge it? Read on for a short definition of pixel-based graphics versus vectors...

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Using WooCommerce and Stripe for a Wordpress e-commerce store
Posted by | April 21, 2020
Setting up a WordPress-based Online Store using WooCommerce + Stripe

As an avid Wordpress fan myself, I couldn't complete any discussion about e-commerce options without recommending Woocommerce! Woocommerce is used by over 80 million online stores, and because of its...

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Quick list of facts to know about Shopify
Posted by | April 21, 2020
Using Shopify for E-Commerce: Quick Facts

Shopify is trusted by over 500,000 businesses to sell their products online, it has great back-end options and reporting, and takes minutes to set-up. Here’s my short list of the...

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A quick Guide to choosing an E-Commerce Solution
Posted by | April 17, 2020
Where to Start: A Quick Guide to Choosing an E-Commerce Solution

So you’ve decided you need to start selling online, and QUICK! Here’s where to start….

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Posted by | April 7, 2020
How to Set up an Online Shop

This video tutorial covers all the basics of setting up an online shop, including: How to prepare your products for selling and taking great product photos The various e-commerce options...

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