5 signs that you’re ready for a rebranding

Have you been considering getting your logo or branding redone? You’re in good company- even multi-million dollar brands go through periodic re-branding processes as technology and trends change. Here are 5 common reasons why it might be time to re-brand:

  1. You chose your existing logo when you first started your business, and you didn’t have a lot of time or money to spend on it- you just needed something and you needed it quick. Now, you’ve grown and you don’t feel your logo accurately represents how well-established you are.
  2. Your logo reflects a design trend that is now dated- this is common for logos older than 10 years- and you want to show your customers that you’re more up to date than that.
  3. You took over your business from someone else and/or you changed your business model, and your logo no longer reflects you who are.
  4. You DIYed your original logo because you were just starting out, but now as your business has grown, you're ready for a more professional look that doesn't scream, I did it in Canva.
  5. You changed your business name- this is especially common for solo entrepreneurs who are going from a personal brand, with their name as their business name, moving to a team setting or getting ready for growth.

If any of these five situations describes you, there’s nothing wrong with changing things up!

Wait- isn't a logo supposed to be forever?

When discussing re-branding options with clients, some common concerns and misconceptions come out:
Concern #1: ”My customers won’t be able to recognize me anymore”
With the right marketing and launch, your existing customers will definitely still find you- in fact, use your new branding in your favor to attract their attention and grow your customer base even more! Tip: keep an old element like a color, or make an incremental change, to keep a sense of continuity.
Concern #2: “Doesn’t having “consistency” in my branding mean I can never change?”
While consistency is important, brands are much more fluid than you might think! All the major companies routinely update their logos over the years. If you’ve got some time to spare, check out Apple’s brand evolution, its first logo is quite a doozy.

Ready to get an incredible new brand identity? Book a call at a time to suit your schedule

If you're still using a logo and branding that you DIYed and know its time to upgrade, let's chat! I've helped dozens of clients to hone in on the perfect all-around look that will attract the right customers.

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