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Offering Full-Service Logo & Website Design

Transparent pricing that's geared toward small businesses

You’ve got a lot of demands on your budget— I get that. I price my logo and web design services for small to midsize businesses, nonprofits, and start-ups so that they can still get the design excellence they want without sacrificing on another essential service that they need.

From "do it yourself" to "just get it done"

Taking charge of design so you don't have to

You may have started out by doing all your print, social and branding designs yourself— and with all the excellent DIY resources available, that makes sense. At some point, you got busier with your actual work— or maybe you realized that Canva and all the templates in the world can’t replace a true design eye, and now you just want to pass this off to a professional. With over 10 years experience as a brand, print and website designer, I can give all your print and digital communications a cohesive and professional look.

Guidance through the branding process

Helping you define your business

In the branding process, I sometimes see clients who aren’t sure or can’t articulate what style they want for their new brand/logo/website, etc. I have a tried and true guided process that goes beyond just “what you do” to the core of your brand. In fact, my clients will often tell me it's like attending a self-discovery therapy session. If you struggle with knowing how you want to visually communicate your brand, I can help.

Hello, I'm Erica

I’m a graphic and web designer who lives in Napa, California with my family (myself, my husband, and 4 boys!). I have a Masters in Graphic Design from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom and have 13 years of experience as a self-employed graphic designer working with small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and non-profits. I love sunshine, bright colors, bold design, and spicy foods.

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My Collaborators

headshot of Jen Urso, digital marketing strategist

Jen Urso

Digital Strategist

With over 25 years of experience in design and marketing, Jen Urso has worked with businesses to clarify their values, purpose, and ultimately, their message. With a deep understanding of how web content should be researched, written, and formatted, she helps businesses share their unique message with the right audience.

Erika Conleay, digital marketing

Erika Conleay

Marketing & Social Media

With over a decade of experience, an MBA, and a passion for all things business, Erika helps her clients strategize, connect with ideal customers, and reach their wildest business goals.

Who I Work With

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Napa, California, United States

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