There’s a reason why over 30 million websites use WordPress as their content management system- it’s awesome!

WordPress is constantly being updated and extended with innovative new plugins by developers all over the world- which means that not only is it a good option for now, it will continue to stay on the forefront of the evolving world of websites. And, it’s a low-cost option that works with most web hosting packages (but always check with your web host first. Need a webhost? I love Pair Networks– they’re awesome!*).  Most of my clients find WordPress to be extremely user-friendly with a low learning curve, making edits themselves when they need them. For more complicated edits involving coding and for those who don’t have time, I offer a monthly website maintenance package, contact me for details.

I’ve spent 7 years building and customizing WordPress themes as well as installing and configuring high-quality plugins (watch out, not all are good!). Currently using a different content management system and ready to tear your hair out? I also offer a migrating service, bringing all your content from other content management systems (i.e. Joomla or Drupal) to WordPress.

*Use my referral code pairref-x5agtsb for 20% off your first year of webhosting with Pair Networks. I get a small credit to my account when you save too- its a win-win!

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