Using Shopify Lite

Part 4 of my series on e-commerce solution is about Shopify Lite. At only $9/month, Shopify Lite is a great option for businesses with smaller budgets who already have existing websites or want to sell on Facebook. Here’s my quick list of things to know about Shopify Lite:

  • You don’t get a Shopify-hosted online store with this plan. Instead, you upload your products to Shopify, and then embed them on your website or on the Facebook “shop”
  • It’s just as easy to set-up and has all the powerful selling tools of regular Shopify
  • WordPress users get it even easier: install the WP Shopify plugin to connect to your store and display your products without having to embed any code

I hope you have found this series on e-commerce solutions helpful! For the complete series, click the link in my bio. And be sure to post any questions you have in the comments, I’m here to help!

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