Knost Home Solutions

Type of Project

Logo, branding, business card and flyer design


Knost Home Solutions | Macon, Georgia

Case Study:

Caleb of Knost Home Solutions needed a logo for his new power washing business and turned to Google- a quick search brought him to my website and he booked my start-up mini branding package (contact me for details). Caleb told me he didn’t want something generic, that looked like it came from a online logo generator. I had Caleb fill out my design questionnaire, and found he was looking for a logo that was simple and not flashy, and locally made. I went with a bold, abstracted “k” as the brand mark with thick strokes in a classic color scheme with a modern twist. Caleb loved how this turned out! I went on to create a coordinating business card and flyer design with all the information he needed for his new business. This is one of my favorites that I’ve done!

business cards showing the start-up logo design for Knost Home Solutions in Macon, Georgia5x7 inch flyer for Knost Home Solutions showing their services, before and after photos, and contact detailsbrand board for Knost Home Solutions showing primary, secondary and inverted logos, color palette, and typography choices
Created by Erica Neubauer | 14 10 2020 | logos