Knost Home Solutions

Type of Project

Logo, branding, business card and flyer design


Knost Home Solutions | Macon, Georgia

Case Study:

Caleb of Knost Home Solutions needed a logo for his new power washing business and turned to Google- a quick search brought him to my website and he booked my start-up mini branding package (contact me for details). Caleb told me he didn’t want something generic, that looked like it came from a online logo generator. I had Caleb fill out my design questionnaire, and found he was looking for a logo that was simple and not flashy, and locally made. I went with a bold, abstracted “k” as the brand mark with thick strokes in a classic color scheme with a modern twist. Caleb loved how this turned out! I went on to create a coordinating business card and flyer design with all the information he needed for his new business. This is one of my favorites that I’ve done!

start-up logo design for Knost Home Solutions
Created by Erica Neubauer | 14 10 2020 | logos