2023 Festa Primavera: Auction Catalog Design, Invitations Design, Menu Design


Branding & Print Design

  • Primary, secondary & round logo design
  • Typography curation
  • Color palette
  • Brand reference sheet
  • 52 page full color auction catalog with multiple custom illustrations
  • Invitation, response card, and envelopes
  • Menu Design


St. Helena Montessori School | St. Helena, California



The brief

Design a French Riviera-themed logo and catalog to raise funds for the St Helena Montessori School

Every year the St Helena Montessori school, a private Montessori school based in St Helena, California, holds its live and silent auction in person on their beautiful campus. The Auction Committee chose a travel-inspired French Riviera theme for the 2023 auction, and were seeking a designer to bring their vision to life. They were looking to create an evening of elegance that made the attendees feel transported to the warm evenings on the coast of Southern France.

The solution

A vintage travel poster inspired logo with bright colors that evokes the French Riviera

First I met with the auction chair to hear her inspiration and vision for this momentous event. To create the logo and catalog design, I took inspiration from vintage travel posters of the French Riviera. I combined elegant, vintage typography, vibrant colors, and iconic imagery to create a design that is both colorful and elegant.

Logo Design: For the logo design, I used a script font and a classy sans-serif that is reminiscent of the Art Deco era. I combined this with a simple silhouette of an olive branch and a lemon branch, which is a common motif in French Riviera art. The logo is balanced out by the year at the top and the name of the school underneath in a gentle curved shape.

Catalog Design: For the catalog design, I used a layout that is inspired by vintage travel posters. The design relies on a arched window motif, which is reminiscent of a viewpoint of someone standing at a window looking out at the landscape. Lemon, orange, olive and palm branches are scattered throughout.

To make the design cohesive across all touch points, I used a color palette that is inspired by the French Riviera- deep royal blue, lemon yellow, teal, bright coral and fire engine red. I also drew vintage-style illustrations of various scenes such as the beach, buildings of antiquity, the steep cliffside villages, etc.

The final result is a logo and catalog design that perfectly captures the essence of the French Riviera. The design is sophisticated, elegant, and appeals to high-end buyers. The organizers of the auction were thrilled with the design and received positive feedback from attendees at the auction.

Primary logo
Alternate Logo
Round Logo
Website Icon
Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 9.54.37 AM
Primary logo in white
Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 9.54.26 AM
Brand Patterns
cover for the brand document "5 steps to building a successful brand identity". Featuring a bold and colorful design in green and with a photo of a brand board at the top

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