Logo Design

A unique, high quality logo is an essential part of any company or organization’s branding.

Think of it as the face of your company- it’s your best visual representation of what you do and who you are.

With logos, you pay for what you get- websites that offer logos for as little as $5 are generally recycling old ideas and tired visuals. At a basic level, logos need to be unique  and completely original (i.e. using symbols that can be purchased for commercial use on stock websites) or they run the risk of trademark violations. And you don’t want your logo to look like the thousands of other businesses in your industry.

I create all my logos from scratch, using computer illustration, hand illustration, watercolor, etc. I work with you to get the best picture of what your brand is and I develop several different options to choose from. See examples below of logos I’ve done for churches, start-ups, re-brands, small businesses, etc. Interested in starting the logo process? Contact me here.