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Posted by Erica Neubauer | 29 January 2021 | Resources
Quick & Easy DIY Branding Tip: Get a Beautiful Email Signature for Free

Want one of those fancy email signatures that look like a digital business card? This is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can make to your branding, and did I mention free? The secret is using an online email signature generator- if you do a quick google search, you’ll see a LOT of...

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How to Build a Website in 6 steps
Posted by Erica Neubauer | 21 January 2021 | Uncategorized
The DIY Guide to How to Build a Website

Recently I was asked on my Instagram, "How do I build myself a website?" I love supporting businesses and organizations so I am tackling this question in today's tutorial. While DIYing a website for your organization or business is not for the faint of heart, it absolutely can be done! Roll up your sleeves and...

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image of iPhone showing the mobile website for ericasneubauer.com with a Christmas graphic
Posted by Erica Neubauer | 24 November 2020 | Resources
Design Idea: Add a festive header to your website

Here’s a simple design idea for small business websites: add some festive cheer to your website! This idea comes from one of my longest-runnning clients- they’ve asked me to put up a Christmas background in their website header for several years now (great idea, Activate Your Life!). This year, I decided to add it to...

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logo design for Pages into Petals featuring hand-lettering and a custom illustrated book and flowers
Posted by Erica Neubauer | 14 October 2020 | Branding
Pages into Petals

Type of Project Logo design Client Pages into Petals | Macon, Georgia

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5x7 inch flyer for Knost Home Solutions showing their services, before and after photos, and contact details
Posted by Erica Neubauer | 12 September 2020 | logos, websites
Knost Home Solutions

Type of Project Logo, branding, business card and flyer design Client Knost Home Solutions | Macon, Georgia Case Study: Caleb of Knost Home Solutions needed a logo for his new power washing business and turned to Google- a quick search brought him to my website and he booked my start-up mini branding package (contact me...

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white book showing title: How to choose typography for your brand
Posted by Erica Neubauer | 12 September 2020 | Resources
How to choose typography for your brand

I want to talk about brand typography today- i.e. the fonts you’ll use in your social media graphics, on your website, and in your printed flyers etc. There’s a misconception out there that you have to use the font from your logo, but actually, you will probably want a wider set of fonts to choose...

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white sketchbook showing title: What's the difference between RGB & CMYK and when should you use them?
Posted by Erica Neubauer | 12 September 2020 | Resources
What’s the difference between RGB & CMYK, and when should I use them?

A client question I've heard is, what’s the difference between RGB & CMYK, and when should I use them? Both of these represent different ways of mixing basic colors to get every color in the spectrum (throw out what you know about the “primary colors” being blue, yellow, red ). Read on for why/when to...

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