About Me

Erica Neubauer, graphic and web designer

Hello, I’m Erica.

I’m a graphic and web designer who has landed in Macon, Georgia with my family (myself, my husband, and 4 small boys!). I have a Masters in Graphic Design from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. I’m a California transplant who is thriving in the creative and developing city of Macon. I love sunshine, bright colors, bold design, and spicy foods. I’m excited about the opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs and help them with their branding and website needs.

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I care about small businesses.

 As the daughter of small business owners, I saw the hard work, creativity, and passion needed to make a small business work. I also saw how a small business can create jobs and a positive, caring work environment that becomes bigger than just making a profit. I think that’s awesome! That’s why I want to help small businesses reach their full potential through better graphic and web design.

I’m passionate about non-profits, churches, and charities.

Helping those who help others is one of my specialties. I’ve worked closely with non-profits and churches everywhere I have lived. This means I have clients in California, Pennsylvania, the United Kingdom, Georgia, and more! I’ve kept up those positive client relationships over years, adapting to their growing needs. I’m always learning more about my trade and I improve on my designs and websites whenever possible.

Reach your target audience through customized graphic design, user-friendly websites, and memorable branding. My graphic design and website design services include:

  • logos
  •  branding
  • WordPress websites
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • and so much more!
58past and present clients
22websites designed
11years in business
100sprint projects completed



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