About Me

Born in San Francisco, California and raised in the Napa Valley as one of a set of triplet girls, I now live in Macon, Georgia. I like to be creative with limited resources, unusual, quirky, and unconstrained by preconceived ideas of how things should be. I believe that a varied life experience and a wide knowledge base contribute greatly to creative thinking and processes. My experiences as a triplet has also greatly influenced my work and are explored in my master’s project, a 120 page full color book. My goal is to never stop learning and to constantly find ways to expand on the design knowledge I have. On any given work day you can often find me at my computer trying to wrap my head around a new technology or skill. The challenge is always fruitful and the results rewarding, and that combined with the varied nature of my projects is the reason why I love my job.

43past and present clients
17websites designed
10years in business
100sprint projects completed


I did my undergraduate degree in communications at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL and my masters degree in Graphic Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent, United Kingdom. I thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring and insights that I received from my professors at UCA, and similarly the practical techniques I gained from my course mates. During and after my Master’s degree, I spent 4 years living in the United Kingdom which gave me a unique perspective on the challenges of living in a different cultural context and designing for a foreign audience.