Where to Start: A Quick Guide to Choosing an E-Commerce Solution

Sometimes too many options can be a bad thing- and if you’re trying to choose between a myriad of e-commerce options available to you, you might be feeling overwhelmed! You needed your online store set-up yesterday, and now you’re under the pressure of time and a pandemic 😳. My advice to you is:


I’ve created this quick guide to show your easiest path forward, based on the tools and website builders you are already using. Each one has its pros and cons, and I will be addressing some of them in future posts;  but for now, don’t let the paralysis of analysis keep you from choosing one and moving forward. I hope you find it useful and that it gets you online and selling a teeny bit quicker.

NOTE: I recommend these options simply because I have found them easy to set up with robust selling tools; I am not paid in any way for promoting them and have no affiliation with them. ⠀

Got a question I haven’t answered, or are you looking for an experienced website and e-commerce developer to take care of the whole process for you? Send me an message, I’ve got packages to suit every budget and need.


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